BE.A.VECTOR. Be an advocate.



A quantity having direction as well as magnitude, esp. as determining the position of one point in space relative to another.
Direct (an aircraft in flight) to a desired point.
direct – guide – point

Copyright by someone else. This is not my own definition of a vector. 🙂

You’re the only one who can lead your loved one’s care in the right direction. Set your sights on where you want your family to be, and take SMALL, MANAGEABLE steps in the right direction. You need weight, you need direction and you need to move at a certain velocity to get things done.

A case manager from Adult Protective Services told me the other day that I need to be the squeaky wheel, and that if I am not that person for my dad, no one else will be. Well, yeah… duh. That may be what you’re thinking but try calling social service programs all day and then tell me you don’t want to take a few days off and pretend it all never happened. Well, maybe you can. Maybe it’s your waiting period, where you’ve called everyone and done every little thing you possibly can because you’re an over-achiever (as usual) or maybe… wait for it… wait for it… there’s more to be done and you can’t take time off!  Maybe getting your parent disability is time-sensitive. Maybe filling out the paperwork for Medicare has to be done during open season. You have to move at a constant velocity. If your loved one needs care, maybe you have to spend four hours on the phone day 1, and then only spend an hour the next day. Maybe that hour is crucial to starting paperwork, or understanding the next step in your Medicaid process. Maybe you’ve called the social security administration four times and never got a call back. Well, guess what- you’ve got to call again tomorrow and complain and get someone on the phone who can answer your questions. Just do it- copyright, NIKE. 😉 You’ve got someone who’s done it and is going through it all right now. Be a vector. Be an advocate.

You can do it. Head high.

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