Clarification on earlier posting, BE.A.VECTOR

Here’s the thing. In my earlier blog, I focused on the importance of doing everything you can for your loved one in a timely manner. It’s true- sometimes there are deadlines to be met, and quite frankly, we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to do it all right. away.

BUT… the truth is that we need balance. All of this responsibility can be overwhelming. I know that sometimes I just need a break from it all. In my earlier post when I said that we should keep on pressing on, I didn’t mean we shouldn’t ever take a break. We should, and as often as we need one.  And don’t feel guilty about it. You, more than anyone else, deserve it. What I meant was, don’t give up in the face of uncertainty or challenge. Keep at it. Try to stay on top of things as best as you can, certainly in application processes and such. Once you get through the hard part, you’ll notice that the breaks come. You might get people in to help, where you didn’t have them before your hustle.

All in stride. Find your own stride. And keep up the good work. Over and out.

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