Tidbits of advice for the caregiver

  • Treat family obstacles as business obstacles. That said, be a good business partner. 😉 This does not mean you should be extra harsh, or emotionally detached. To clarify, you should consider all options and think logically when trying to solve a problem, with as little emotion as possible. It is a given, that this is an extremely difficult environment in which to avoid excess emotion. It will prove rewarding if you can navigate well.
  • Create your own space to think and work. When you’re considering options, make sure you have your own space to think, to sit down and write out your options.
  • Organize your contacts. Keep lists of your contacts, what each person’s role has been in assisting you, where they’re located, what you spoke about and when you spoke about it. Also write down anything you’re expected to deliver, or what you’re expecting to be delivered to you.
  • Delegate tasks. You can’t do it alone, and chances are that people who love you and your family want to help when they can, in ways they can. Make helping you easy for them. It might take you an extra ten minutes to think about schedules but do it! Maybe your neighbor is heading toward the direction of social security anyway, and wouldn’t mind dropping your parent off while you stay home and make phone calls. An extra ten minutes of thinking might save you two hours in your week.

Will update this list as I think of tips.

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